Thursday, June 9, 2011

Green Tomato Salsa

Jesse and I discovered the magic of green tomatoes last spring. I know, we're late to the game, but in our defense, we live in New England - up here, people just kind of wait for them to ripen. Blame it on Yankee stubbornness, I guess. Regardless, we were desperate for tomatoes last spring and when Beth's set out a pile of green ones, we decided that unripe tomatoes were better than no tomatoes, and resolved to figure something out. A few hours, some Googling and a pot of hot oil later, we entered "The Summer of the Fried Green Tomato," and never looked back.

Green tomatoes showed up at Beth's again last week, and after making the requisite batch of fried green babies (recipe forthcoming), we decided to try something new. It was fish taco night - oh, I live for fish taco night - and running out to the store for salsa would break our "no store between grocery trips" rule. So, we got creative with the leftover green tomato, and an almost-ripe hydroponic* one we had languishing on the sill. Some homemade tortillas, pan-fried haddock and a dollop of sour cream, and we were happy campers!

 Green Tomato Salsa
This is, of course, a very adaptable recipe. Add a chopped chili for some spice, toss in cumin or fresh corn, sub vinegar for the lemon juice - salsa loves to be fiddled with.

1 large green tomato
1 small ripe tomato (or ripe-ish)
1/2 red onion, diced
Small bunch cilantro, chopped - we used some we had frozen from last summer
2 cloves garlic, minced
juice of one lemon
Sea salt to taste

If you can, let the salsa sit a few minutes before serving.


*Is it just me, or are hydroponic tomatoes a terrible idea? To me, tomatoes taste like the soil - they're warm and flavorful and rich. Hydroponic ones, for some reason, always seem to be lacking that. They look like tomatoes, but that seems to be where the similarities end. There's a local tomato operation that grows hydroponically year-round and we break down occasionally and buy one because, gosh, it's such a LONG stretch between tomato seasons! But we always regret it because, sigh, it's just not the same. End ramble.  

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