Saturday, March 5, 2011


Technically, we're only 16 days away from springtime. Realistically, this is Maine, so we're actually 16 years away from springtime.

At least, it feels that way. This is the time of year that really gets to me. Winter has been here for way too long now - I can feel it in the way my feet have trouble breathing, constantly smothered in wool socks, and the way I am suddenly craving spinach and tomatoes, and the way my skin is dry and so, so pale. Ok, the paleness is a year-round thing. But whatever. March is tough, because it feels like the snow and the cold and the heating bills SHOULD be over by now, but they're not. Not even close, really.

This time of year, I long for green. Grass and crocus leaves and chard and pea shoots. Even mold, at this point. Just give me green!

Since the outside world is not cooperating (the 3 feet of snow in my yard will attest to that), I decided to bring the green inside. I spent this afternoon repotting all of our indoor plants, trimming my scented geraniums, and planting some new friends that I picked up on a recent guilty-pleasure trip to our local plant nursery.

Aaahhhh, that's better.


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  1. I should do this too! This snow is killing me, I want it to melt so bad. What a great way to have spring before mother nature decides you can!