Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fish Tacos

This is one of our frequent-flyer meals, especially in the summer when we can go out in the backyard and pluck fresh tomatoes and cilantro minutes before we eat. It's a summery-tasting meal, for sure, but it's easily pulled off in the winter, too, and brings a little taste of warmer weather into our winter kitchen.

We do these a little differently every time we make them - in the summer we chop fresh tomatoes and cucumbers as a topping, sometimes we skip the chipotle sauce or use fresh cilantro instead of the cilantro sauce. But we never, ever skip the sour cream. At least, I don't.

Chipotle Sauce
One little can of chipotle chiles (in adobo sauce)
1 cup sour cream
minced garlic
Salt and pepper

Mash chipotle chiles with a fork. Mix all the ingredients to taste. Really, that's it.
This freezes really well, too. 

Cilantro Pesto
Fresh cilantro
Neutral oil (like canola)
Minced garlic
Lime juice

We freeze pesto in ice cube trays and then thaw it out as needed.

The Tacos
To make the tacos, simple soften some tortillas in the oven (or make your own, like we do. We like Mark Bittman's recipe from Kitchen Express - maybe someday Jesse will post it).  
Pan-fry some flaky white fish in olive oil with whatever seasoning you like (we use salt, pepper and some paprika. Cumin is nice, too).
Build your taco.

Seriously, that's it.

It's a fish taco, what'd you expect?

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