Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nurse Ashby is on call

Jesse is home, after 5 days in the hospital, one positive MRSA swab, 274 gallons of IV antibiotics, 5 big-butted nurses in hazmat suits and 410 hours of the Food Network on cable.

Miles is happy to have Dad home.

I am kind of excited, too, mainly because I have been assigned the job of "wet-packing the knee wound." Which involves, and this is a quote from the doctor, "yanking the gauze out hard enough to make the skin bleed a little." Payback for a rugby-induced week of single parenting? Yes, yes please. 


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bliss? Erm, perhaps not.

It's school vacation now though so all three of us get a whole, uninterrupted week together. Bliss.

Remember that, from yesterday's blog? Well, it seems I may have been wrong about this vacation.

My lovely husband is going to be in the hospital for 2-3 days because a minor rugby injury from last Saturday on his knee got so infected he needed to have surgery to drain/clean it out and needs Iv antibiotics for at least 2 days.


Poor guy - he's had 3 knee surgeries before, so initially when his knee started hurting he assumed he'd just "tweaked" the old injury - happened before, no big deal. But yesterday when suddenly the pain was excrutiating and his LYMPH NODES started to swell up, we geniuses were like "oh, hmm, maybe we should get that checked out." Fast forward to 4 hours later, sitting in the er with a quickly crankifying 3 month old, hearing that my husband is going to have to 1)go under the knife and 2) be gone for up to 3 days . . . certainly not a high point. Plus, his knee is a ridiculous open wound. Blech.

So fastforward to this morning - my awesome baby let me sleep til 8:00 (not straight to 8:00 mind you, but I was in bed at 8!) and my poor husband forgot my phone number and needed the nurse to look it up. Oh life.

Also, I ate an avocado.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Miles To Go Before I Sleep....Miles at 3 months

It seems we have reached the inevitable "adjusting sleep patterns when Mom goes back to work" stage. My little man who has been sleeping a 7-8 hour stretch for the last month or so is suddenly sleeping 5 hours, then up every 1 1/2 after that to "eat" - and by eat I mean whine, latch on, and fall back asleep, haha. To be honest, I don't hate it - I get snuggle time, I'm still getting an ok amount of sleep, and it adds to the total time I get to hang out with the little dude. But shhh, don't tell him that. I've got him convinced that my horrible singing voice is due entirely to sleep deprivation.

My first week back to work went as well as can be expected - I missed him like crazy and once leaked milk through my shirt in science class (it led to a cool discussion, at least) but he was with my Mom, and she brought him to visit me at lunch every day. She also cleaned, did laundry, cooked, walked my dogs, weeded the garden and chatted with me after school before Jesse came home. I was certainly sad to see her go! It's school vacation now though so all three of us get a whole, uninterrupted week together. Bliss.

Miles is pretty incredible, as usual. He's 14 weeks old now(!), weighs over 16 lbs, can scoot backwards across the floor and looooves hanging out in his bouncy seat. He also grabs toys from in front of him and picks them up now, which I am totally floored by. I know a year from now I'm going to be watching him zoom around the house, throwing things, but for right now the whole "reach and grasp" thing seems like an olympic achievement! He is the only baby at his daycare (the rest are 1-3 year olds) and is totally spoiled - the tots pat his feet and talk to him, and since they discovered he loves singing, whenever he cries they all run over to seranade him. I witnessed it once - holy cuteness batman.
Major milestones this month~

~Moved on from Tracy Chapman (whom he still loves, just not exclusively) to Prince and Disney music
~First swimming trip! Looooved the water, and was totally cool with being splashed in the face by toddlers.
~First roadtrip and babysitting experience - Jess and I went to see a sox game and the Bartkes watched him. And let him watch cable. And stay up late. Yep, they've got this grandparent thing down pat.

Showering off after his first pool adventure