Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Tuesday Sandwich

Around here, Monday is Soup and Sandwich Night. I'd like to pretend that I'm very nonchalent about our dinners and that I take a free-spirited, laissez-faire attitude towards the whole thing.
 Soup on Wednesday? Sure, why not!
 Fritatta on Saturday? Go ahead, sir!
In reality, though, (a place I studiously avoid), the schedule means something to me. Mondays are soup and sandwich. Tuesdays are pasta. Wednesdays are Mike and Lydia (we eat with them - we don't eat them), Thursdays are "egg dish" and Fridays are pizza. There are no rules about the specific ingredients in any of these meals - here's where seasonality and hankerings come into play - but the structure stays the same. It may be an apple and cheddar fritatta this Thursday and a kale, proscioutte and goat cheese omelette next Thursday, but either way, it's an egg dish. The schedule lends order to my life - on any given day I may not know what my students are going to smell like or what the weather will be or how long it will take me to realize my shoe is in the fridge. But, by golly, I will know what's for dinner.

That being said - yesterday was Tuesday, and we had sandwiches for dinner.
We had sandwiches for dinner because we wanted them, and because I was too tired to freak out about breaking the routine.
And these are, it turns out, the PERFECT routine-breaking sandwiches - very ordinary ingredients (applesauce, cheddar cheese, vinegar) in a very ordinary format (hello, it's a sandwich), somehow rising above their ordinariness and bringing us somewhere wonderful. They were, in a word, transcendent.

Apple and Cheddar Melts

-Applesauce (ours was incredibly pink, because I cooked it with the skins in and then pushed them through my strainer. Yours doesn't have to be pink. But it helps.)
-Tart apple, sliced thin
-Sharp cheddar cheese
-Cider vinegar
-Sea salt

Preheat your broiler. Spread applesauce on one slice of bread. Top with sliced apples, a shake of cider vinegar, a sprinkle of sea salt and some grated cheddar.
Grate some more cheddar onto the other slice of bread.
Lay them on a cookie sheet and broil until bubbly - this doesn't take long, only 3-5 minutes!

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