Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Pretzel Roll....and a sandwich

Oooohhhhhhh man. These things. Oh, these things.
They're rolls. No wait, they're soft pretzels! Nope, actually they're rolls. But also soft pretzels!
Whatever. They're amazing. Seriously amazing.

Jesse found a delicious sounding sandwich idea from our new best friend Mark Bittman, and we slotted it into our standard Monday night "soup and sandwich" dinner slot. I dug up a recipe for a soup I've been drooling over for weeks, and we had our dinner planned. But then, genius struck!

Jesse: We should have soft pretzels for dinner!
Ashby: We're having soup and sandwich. It's Monday. Mondays are soup and sandwich day. MONDAYS ARE ALWAYS SOUP AND SANDWICH DAY! (I can be a little resistant to change. Eh hem.)
Jesse: We could have both
Ashby: Soup and sandwiches and soft pretzels? That's a lot. And don't forget - Mondays are soup and sandwich day!
Jesse: Hmmm.
Ashby: Hmmm.
Both, simultaneously struck by the brilliance of it: PRETZEL ROLLS!

And the pretzel roll entered our lives. And it was good.

And also, this sandwich? This sandwich quite literally made my shed a few tears of joy when I had my first bite. I wish I was joking, because that's a little lame. But alas, I am lame, all in the name of the wonder of this sandwich.

Cabbage and Kielbasa Sandwiches on Pretzel Rolls(!)
Serves 4

For the (pretzel) rolls:
1 1/8 C warm water
3 C flour
3 Tbsp brown sugar
1 1/2 tsp yeast
coarse salt

Make the dough in your bread machine (or, you know, the tough way, by hand...but why??)
Turn it onto a floured surface and divide into 4 balls

Drop rolls for 10-15 seconds each into a pot of boiling water with 1/2 c baking soda dissolved in it
Place boiled rolls onto a baking sheet and bake at 425 for 8-10 minutes
Brush with water and sprinkle with coarse salt

For the sandwich:

Brown up a pound of keilbasa, sliced in half lengthwise, and set it aside on papertowels
In the same pan, throw a bunch of cabbage leaves and some butter - saute until as cooked as you want them
Make a sandwich with the (pretzel!) roll, lots of grainy mustard and the cabbage and keilbasa.
Die a little.

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