Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

I am in love. Again.

I fall for recipes so easily; here I am lazily browsing my favorite food blogs, looking for some dinner inspiration or just killing time when, my eye falling upon some well-lit photo of a dish in someone elses kitchen, I am struck down with adoration. Oh hello, beer-bread grilled cheese! Come to mama, sweet potato pound cake! Come here often, pumpkin ice cream? Sometimes the fever coincides with some rare spare time and I am able to give in to the urge that very night. More often, though, I have to wait. And while I wait, I yearn.

I am a good yearner.

This pasta is an object of long-term yearning on my part. I happened upon it on Pioneer Woman (I think we are best friends. I'm not sure she knows this, but that's ok. That's how most of my high school friendships were, too) and have been having dreams (seriously, actual dreams) about it since then. And finally, returning home yesterday from the market with a bag of beautiful red peppers and discovering an forgotten carton of cream in the fridge, my dreaming became reality. And I am so not disappointed.

Roasted Red Pepper Pasta
adapted from Pioneer Woman Cooks

-Red peppers - I used a few gorgeous red bell peppers from an Amish farm a few towns away (Amish food just tastes better to me. No zippers) and a couple "Non-Bell Carmen" peppers from the same farm which tasted exactly the same but were long and skinny.
-Onion - I used one large
-Garlic - 3-4 cloves, chopped
-Olive oil
-Cream - about a cup?

*Roast the peppers
      This was soooo much fun. How often do you get to char the hell out of something intentionally?? You can roast them on the burners to a gas stove or on your grill. I used the broiler of my oven. All you do is put them on direct heat and then let them get all black and crispy on the outside - this took 10 minutes in my oven, turning once.

*Put the roasted peppers in a big ziplock and seal it, letting them squishify
*Sautee up your onion and garlic in some olive oil

*Scrape the charred skin and the seeds off the peppers and throw em in your blender
      When I read about this on the interweb some people did the peeling under water, but the pepper juice smelled really good and I didn't want it to go away, so I just did it on a cutting board and scraped with a knife.

*Blend up the peppers til smooth, then throw in most of the sauteed onions and garlic. Blend more.

*Return the pepper sauce to the saute pan with the last of the onions and garlic and warm it up

*Add cream in, stirring until it's freaking amazing looking

*Dump a pound of cooked pasta (I used shells cuz of the scoopability, but whatever) in and toss

This is actually this crazy electric-orange type color.
It was very cool and faux-food looking, somehow.
*Salt to taste
*Top with lots of fresh grated parmesan (not optional. Nope.)

This made dinner for me and Jesse, and lunches for both of us and Miles the next day. It rocked.

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