Monday, March 8, 2010

Two Months

Holy crap, two months???
Little man is astonishing in so many ways - firstly, he's ENORMOUS. He weighs 14 1/2 lbs now, and is steadily wearing 3-6 month clothes. He and I go to a Nursing Mom's group every week and he is the second largest baby there - the only one bigger is 6 months old, and only has a pound and a half on him. On top of being huge, he is also crazy strong - he's pushing up into a mermaid-like pose, and occasionally into crawl position (gahhhhhhh no!) and is happiest when he's on his belly, talking to himself in the mirror. He is a big fan of himself, thinks he's quite the looker.
He's become incredibly chatty, too. I've never heard a baby so young talk so much. He makes lots of different sounds, and strings them together while looking you right in the eye and bobbing his head around. We're already starting to equate different vocalizations with different situations, and our communication is really getting great. Rarely does he get so frustrated that he actually cries, except in the car. He HATES his carseat. Ugh. Eventually he settles down and sleeps, but the intial 5 minutes of screaming is horrible. I've learned there's nothing I can do about it, because if I pull over to comfort him he just starts up again as soon as I start driving again. So I usually just contort myself awkwardly to reach behind me into his carseat and hold his hand. Usually my entire arm is numb by the end of a trip to the grocery store.
We live in the Moby or the sling, still. He has started to get frustrated with the Moby when he's not tired - he wants to see more. So I put him in the "kangaroo carry" in the sling when he's alert, and in the Moby when he's sleepy.He's started to get so wiggly that cuddling is tough unless he's half asleep. The kid NEVER stops moving - we are in so much trouble when he starts to crawl.
On the homefront, things are pretty wonderful. We've all settled into a rhythm, and it works. My favorite time of day is bedtime (his) because our routine is just so nice and comfy. Bath, pjs, book and rocking time, all three of us.All in all it's a much nicer existance than the one I had two months ago. And that one was pretty awesome, too.
I have to go back to work in 5 weeks, which I'm avoiding thinking about. I am having a really, really hard time with the concept, to be honest. I know, intellectually, that someone else will be able to take care of him and he'll be fine. But I can't really picture it - I know what all his cries mean, I know exactly how to hold him or bounce him or what voice to use in each situation. I keep thinking that he's going to be so sad and upset and no one's going to know what to do. Which is, of course, complete crap.
Without further ado, what you all put up with this long-ass blog for, a picture....

The dreaded Chicken Hat!

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