Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Garden Begins

We finally (finally!) have space for a garden (in the actual ground, not in a kiddie pool - yeah, remind us to tell you about that failed experiment sometime) and are trying our hand at a little plot in the side yard, and some border gardens and potted veggies and herbs. We truthfully don't expect much, since we've never done this before, and have a less-than-stellar track record with houseplants (shhh, don't tell the seedlings). We're calling it our "practice garden." It's so much fun.

We planted 9 tomato plants in pots alongside the driveway, where they get a lot of sun, and Jesse planted a little herb garden. I put in a perrenial bed along the front walk, and we also tilled up a little 8x8 plot for veggies. Here's how she started:

                                                                     May 27, 2010

                                                                       June 13, 2010

                                                                         July 6, 2010

We've already had a few learning experiences - major cabbage worm infestation on the cabbages, broccoli, kale and brussel sprouts, and some Japanese beetles lurking around the beans. But we're figuring it out! We are so passionate about knowing, and liking, where our food comes from, that it's been so cool to start bringing the process even closer to home. We ate our first tomatoes yesterday, some sungolds and early girls. Amazing.


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