Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cape Cod!

Just got back from a long, wonderful, relaxing visit to the Cape visiting my family. I have to say, travelling with an almost-6-month-old isn't as horrible as expected - actually, it was pretty awesome. We had a fantastic week - lots of quality time with Shapapa and Memesoup (the "soup" is silent, remember) and Uncle Tanner; lively (as always) visits with the Aunties (Audrey and Jenna and Smokey, only one of whom is actually an Auntie, but hell, who's counting) and the Rev; visits to the ocean and my childhood home; lots of hugging long-lost family and friends; far too much food; and Asian weiner.

 Don't even worry about that last one.

It's so cool to see my parents with my child. For one thing, they adore each other. Miles is utterly smitten with everything that is Memesoup, and Jesse and I totally got a kick out of coming back to the house after a child-free(!) errand and hearing the two of them chattering to each other in the next room. And he and Shapapa have clearly got a connection - it's zen time when Shapapa's around and anyone who's met my kid knows that zen time is a rarity. But seeing my parents as grandparents is also really cool because it jogs so many memories for me - I have such awesome parents, and it's nice to have these visual memories playing out in front of me.

It wa also, of course, nice to hand the baby over and have two hands for entire hours. It made snuggling in bed at night that much better, because I often felt like I had barely seen Miles all day, since he'd been busy flirting with everyone else.

Regretably, we had way too much fun to take many pictures - I'm particularly disappointed that a camera never made it to the beach with us, since baby's first skinny dip was the cutest thing that has ever happened. Ever. But here are a few...
Haley graciously shared her pool with Miles. Then he tripped her. Bully.

"Whoa!" A little colder than expected, perhaps. Miles spent a good portion of our trip in the pool (poor January-born Mainer can't take the heat) and an even better portion of it mostly naked. That's my boy.

Bongoes with Shapapa - lovely way to wake up.

Baby's first lobster - these poor guys travelled all the way down from Maine with us after being bought from Alvin the roadside fish guy, then spent the day in the meat-and-cheese drawer in the fridge, before finally meeting their delicious doom. Mmmm, doom.

Not pictured here is Uncle Tanner, mostly because she was usually the one taking the pictures, or she was off hitting pirates with golf balls or whatever it is she does. Suffice to say that Miles thinks she is the bees knees (what the hell does that mean, anyway?) and misses her accutely, especially when Mom and Dad are being boring (which is, like, always).


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