Friday, July 23, 2010

And he's off

Miles is crawling.
And by crawling I mean flinging himself forward violently until he reaches his destination

See, on Wednesday he figured out the mechanics of crawling. Knee, knee, arm, arm, repeat. Easy enough.

On Thursday he added in a step. Knee, knee, arm, arm, lunge forward onto the ground, repeat.

And this afternoon, he said screw it to the whole crawling process in general, and decided to just stick with the lunging part. Which he does, with gusto. And, a little disturbingly, he also adds in a very energetic little "sieg heil" arm salute before each lunge. If he asks for a pair of combat boots and a copy of Mein Kampf for his first birthday, I'll start worrying.

A visual:

This week has been pretty incredible in the land of Miles. I remember the 12 week mark being huge - it seemed like he suddenly became a new baby at that point, somehow. It was a major turning point - he was suddenly more independent, and could do so many things he'd been struggling to do just days before. It seems like the 6 months and 1 week mark is similar. My little man is on the go, but he is also totally loving life. He is content to hang out on the floor and cruise around wrecking things, leaving Mom and Dad to momentarily think "ah, a moment to myself" before we notice that he's climbed under the table and is eating our shoes. Ah the joys of mobility.

In all honesty, though, I love that he's moving. He is so much happier being able to interact with the world. He's like this constant bundle of buzzing energy and he finally has something real to do with it. When he crawls his arms fly out in huge arcs like he's freestyle swimming, and he lifts his feet up into the air above his head like he's participating in a wheelbarrow race, wiggling his butt around. Never one for energy conservation, it's like he uses as many movements as possible for everything he does. And god, he's so funny to watch. He plays now, waving whatever he finds in the air like a prize and babbling to it until we realize that oh, yeah, electrical things probably aren't good baby toys and take it away. Jerks.

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