Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rhubarb Compote

We have a stockpile of "recipes" that's literally pages and pages long that we mean to share on here, but we never seem to find the time to post them. In the spirit of first steps, here's a quick "recipe" (I'm putting the quotes around the word recipe because really, they're more like suggestions - we don't exactly measure or anything like that...) that I make constantly during rhubarb season, and even in the winter with rhubarb I've frozen during the spring. I usually have a jar in the fridge, and its uses are many - stir a couple spoonfuls into yogurt, spoon warm or cool onto ice cream, spread on toast or muffins, use in a fruit tart.....get creative.

1 bunch rhubarb
Sugar (the amount depends on how sweet you want your compote - since I use mine for breakfast a lot, I make it less sweet. Start with a handful of sugar and add more to taste)

Chop rhubarb into small chunks
Toss it into a saucepan
Add a little water (maybe a half inch or so)
Add a little sugar
Cook over medium heat, stirring frequently

It's done when the rhubarb has all cooked down to a stringy, squishy mess. Spoon it into a jar and put it in the fridge. You will thank me.

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