Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bliss? Erm, perhaps not.

It's school vacation now though so all three of us get a whole, uninterrupted week together. Bliss.

Remember that, from yesterday's blog? Well, it seems I may have been wrong about this vacation.

My lovely husband is going to be in the hospital for 2-3 days because a minor rugby injury from last Saturday on his knee got so infected he needed to have surgery to drain/clean it out and needs Iv antibiotics for at least 2 days.


Poor guy - he's had 3 knee surgeries before, so initially when his knee started hurting he assumed he'd just "tweaked" the old injury - happened before, no big deal. But yesterday when suddenly the pain was excrutiating and his LYMPH NODES started to swell up, we geniuses were like "oh, hmm, maybe we should get that checked out." Fast forward to 4 hours later, sitting in the er with a quickly crankifying 3 month old, hearing that my husband is going to have to 1)go under the knife and 2) be gone for up to 3 days . . . certainly not a high point. Plus, his knee is a ridiculous open wound. Blech.

So fastforward to this morning - my awesome baby let me sleep til 8:00 (not straight to 8:00 mind you, but I was in bed at 8!) and my poor husband forgot my phone number and needed the nurse to look it up. Oh life.

Also, I ate an avocado.


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